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Committed to the utmost safety and compassionate care for all pets

Consider us your pet’s home away from home.


The Daycare & Boarding (Play & Stay) experience at APWC are like no other. Brightly decorated walls, lots of sunshine and our certified handlers and trainers greet you and your canine companion. Our low client-to-caregiver ratio helps to ensure that your fur baby receives the safety and attention he/she deserves. We also have a Certified Veterinary Technician on-site.

Daycare with us provides safe socialization, education, and exercise. Choose from any number of play and training options to keep your dog active and sharp.


Boarding clients can enjoy scheduled play time as well, with your choice of training options during their stay. Boarding clients are monitored around the clock, and you can check in with them through our secured video feeds.


The Indoor Dog Park is a large fenced-in area with play equipment that offers fun, exercise, socialization, and engagement for you and your pet. It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy, and strengthen the human-animal bond. Memberships are available. Pets will also enjoy the indoor dog park while staying with us during scheduled play times.


Dog Training and Grooming is coming soon. We have so many wonderful amenities planned at All Pets Wellness Centers… all under one woof!

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We want to maintain a fun and safe environment for all pets! During your pet's Temperament Evaluation we will check for any signs of aggression or issues affecting your pet's ability to interact well with other pets and people. Please bring your pet's veterinary information and vaccination records.

You may upload any relevant documents for your pet which we will review prior to their evaluation.

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